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Tu Aashiqui 25th September 2017 Written Update Episode 04

Read Online Tu Aashiqui 25th September 2017 Written Update Episode 04


Read Online Tu Aashiqui 25th September 2017 Written Update Episode 04.

Tu Aashiqui 25 september 2017 Episode Written. Colors TV Serial Tu Aashiqui Episode 4 25-09-2017 today written episode, Tu Aashiqui Written Updates

The episode starts with Ahaan gets injured and goons take Pankti away from him…Ahaan regrets that he failed to save Pankti and gets shattered.

Ahaan’s friend comes…he reaches to Malhotra’s party where the servant denies telling him about Pankti…


Pankti cries and recalls Ahaan fighting for her…meanwhile, Anita comes and scolds her Pankti questions her how she can she her daughter helpless how she can tolerate that people touches her …Anita denies saying she doesn’t care about it she only needs money.

Anita tells Pankti that she was a flop heroine when she married her lover he was drunken man and left her alone with world problems and two girls.


Anita tells that she had face many problems in her life but now she want everything back she needs comfort life and money she tells Pankti that JD promised her that he will give her 10 crore money and if they want money then Pankti had sacrificed her for her mother.

Anita also warns that if she is in love with Ahaan that she will have to be responsible for his death…Anita goes in anger Pankti questions Anita if she thinks she is right then every poor people should sold their daughter…Anita gets mum…

Everyone gets worried seeing Ahaan’s injury while his mother consoles him and questions him what happened.

Ahaan tells his mother that he was saving that girl…he thinks that she is in problem…his mother tells him that may be she is very alone…his mother comforts Ahaan and says that it’s not easy to become hero you should be careful…

She goes…Ahaan drinks milk and recalls Pankti…

Next morning Pankti asks Poorva if JD is coming…while Anita is choosing clothes for her. Anita tells Pankti that this is good opportunity she should do something so good that JD could forgive her mistake.

Anita chooses a very short dress Pankti opposes to wear this dress but Anita forcefully asks her to wear it…

Ahaan’s investigation finding love

Ahaan and his friend inspect the servant of hotel who tells them that she is a flop heroine’s daughter.

Ahaan and his friend reach to find Pankti while Ahaan has made his motive firm that he will find Pankti at any cost…

Ahaan and his friend are searching Pankti’s house Jayant Dhanrajgir comes in way he gets shocked seeing Ahaan and questions Ahaan what he is doing here…his friend makes excuse and go.

While Ahaan goes JD feels something fishy…Ahaan is in front of Pankti’s house but fails to reach her while JD enters her house.

JD comes to meet Pankti where JD tells Anita that he is late as he met his relative..Anita questions JD if he will tell at home JD…


Ahaan meets Pankti in library..

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