Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 1st October 2017 Episode Updates


Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 1st October 2017 Episode Updates. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Season 6 01 October 2017 Updates.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs 2017 (stylised as Saregamapa Li’l Champs) is a singing competition television series, which premiered on February 25, 2017 on Zee TV. The series airs every Saturday and Sunday nights at 9 pm. In a ‘Back to School’ format that lends itself to a spirited atmosphere of camaraderie and fun, the L’il Champs will represent their schools.

Yesterday the jury and champs sharing the stage and we can help but bounce in our seats grooving to the best music in a while. Today we have another surprise that is the presents ka pitaara, revealing some of the secrets of the champs. Dhroon and Pawni walk in first and charm us once again. Dhroon takes out Riya’s phone from the pitaara, and the gundi is revealed to have distorted everyone’s faces, even the three judges. Riya reveals she enjoys every bit of doing this.


Next is SMP with Suzzane and they go Ramba ho ho in style. Himesh says the performance is better than the original one. Jayes Kumar walks in next looking rather hot in kurta. Later Aditya unclogs Shabbir’s throat and makes him sing in the most feminine voice ever. Next is Anjali with Vaishali and as usual everything that Anjali does goes down in history.

Jayes Kumar does the qawali with Shivshankarji and pulls the judges on stage. Next comes out of the pitara Neha‘s bucket of tears. Neha cannot stop laughing when the video plays her crying through the season. Later Adi helps Neha carry the weight of her tears back to her seat.


The pitara comes out again and this time Aftaab’s secret comes out in the form of a flush, Jayes reveals about how poor Aftaab forgets to flush. The gross discussion ends with Aftaab taking a vow over Adi’s head that he will never do it again. Sonakshi walks in with Debojit as they sing vaada karo chodoge na tum mera saath.

Anjali gets a hanger from the pitaara and the title of being a Ms. hanger for she eats so much yet does not get fat. Out of the pitaara comes the DID cap and it is handed over to Mr. Ajin. Shreyan gets a touch me not plant from the pitara while the girls walk up as they pluck his cheeks. Riya reveals that Shreyan just pretends to not like it but in reality he enjoys it very much.

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