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Piya Albela 5th September 2017 Written Update Episode 133

Read Online Piya Albela 5th September 2017 Written Update Episode 133


Read Online Piya Albela 5th September 2017 Written Update Episode 133.

Piya Albela 5th September 2017 written update, Piya Albela 5th September 2017 episode written. Zee TV Serial Piya Albela 5th September 2017 episode 133 written.

The Episode starts with Naren thinking about Supriya’s words and calls Reporter telling that he has a news for him. Pooja gets down from the car to see who met with an accident. Anuj stops her and tells that they are getting late for airport. Naren burns the study books while Mayank tries to stop him. Jogiya song plays…He says I have burnt Naren today, don’t know what Naren will come out of this ashes. He thanks God and Pooja for making him ashes. He walks out. Pooja is restless and thinks her phone is not charged. Anuj asks are you fine? Pooja says yes, and says she is feeling as if she lost something. Ambulance comes to take Supriya and Guru ji to hospital. Harish gets down from his car as he was passing from there and is shocked to see Supriya’s state. Surbhi and Rakesh think one trouble

is gone. Surbhi tells Harish that she will go with Supriya. Harish says I will go with her. Surbhi asks Rakesh to make sure Pooja is not saved. Harish sees Guru ji’s body covered with white cloth and is shocked. Rakesh calls the goon and asks him to make sure Pooja don’t step inside the airport. Goon assures him. While goons are watching Pooja. Pooja and Anuj go inside airport.


Supriya sees Surbhi and points finger at her. Surbhi holds her hand and says she is with her. Harish cries and asks Doctor to save her. Satish is in the car and is restless thinking about Pooja. He comes to airport and collides with goon. His phone falls down. Satish sees Pooja’s pic and is shocked. Goon asks did you see her. Satish says may be she went to parking lot. Goon talks to Rakesh and says Pooja’s own family wants to kill her. Satish hears him and is shocked. He comes to Pooja and asks her to go immediately. She goes inside. Goons see her going inside, but don’t see her pic. Satish thinks why someone will try to kill her and worries thinking about the accident sound. Surbhi asks Rakesh if the work is done. Goon calls Rakesh and tell that they can’t kill Pooja.

Satish comes to the hospital. Surbhi and Rakesh are shocked. Pooja thinks she will be with him after a year. Satish asks Mayank how did this happen? Mayank says we don’t know. Nurse informs them that Supriya gained consciousness. Surbhi and Rakesh panics. Harish holds Supriya’s hand and asks her to have some strength. Harsha says we will take you home in 2-4 days. Satish says you were trying to tell me something about Pooja.


Supriya asks who is Pooja? Harish asks why you are saying this? He asks Doctor to check her. Doctor says we have to keep her under observation, I am afraid that she might suffer memory loss. Surbhi and Rakesh smiles. Harish is shocked and is about to faint. Satish holds him. Surbhi tells Rakesh that Supriya will not call Pooja now. Rakesh says if she gets back her memory. Surbhi says she will make sure. She tells that if Satish comes to know about Pooja’s life in danger then he won’t let her return. If she returns, then we will dig a valley for her. Naren asks Servant to give newspaper. He reads the news that Vyas son have abandoning his mum and wife. Mayank comes and looks at him emotionally.

Naren asks Neelima to leave from his house. Harish asks what is this misbehavior. Naren asks Harish to leave as well. Harish is shocked.

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