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Piya Albela 20th September 2017 Written Update Episode 144.

Read Online Piya Albela 20th September 2017 Written Update Episode 144.


Read Online Piya Albela 20th September 2017 Written Update Episode 144.

Piya Albela 20th September 2017 episode written update, Piya Albela 20 september 2017 written Episode. Zee TV Serial Piya Albela 20-09-2017 episode 144 written, Piya Albela Written updates.

Piya Albela 20th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
The Episode starts with Naren and Pooja’s conversation. Pooja tells him that if she had not saved him from Police then he would have been in jail now. She says she don’t want his thanks as his defeat is enough for her, he is already burdened under her favors. Naren breaks the glass angrily. Pooja thinks after two days, there is a special day. Naren takes out her anger. Mayank thinks Naren forgot what is after 2 days in anger. 
Neelima is about some plan. Pooja thinks tomorrow is special and she is bringing special gift for him. She gets a phone call and is shocked. Supriya threatens to kill herself if anyone tries to come near her. Harish and others are shocked to see her getting aggressive. Pooja comes there. Harish says she was normal in the night, but after waking up, she got aggressive. She

 tries talking to Supriya. Supriya asks her not to come near her. Naren comes and holds the knife. Doctor gives her injection. 
Naren holds pooja’s responsible and says your doctor have given overdose of medicine. Pooja says she didn’t do anything and goes to attend Supriya. Surbhi and Rakesh think they have given her extra dose, but comes to know that none of them have given her extra dose. They wonder who has given the dose.


Pooja comes to the room and tries to enquire about the drug. Doctor treats Supriya. Pooja feels smell coming from night’s food and is about to check. 
Naren says they don’t want her fake sympathy and drags her out of room. Pooja brushes off his hand. Naren tells her that court has accepted that she has given overdose of medicine to Supriya and asks her to leave in 5 mins, else he will not feel ashamed to kick her out. Harish runs to Supriya.
Pooja thinks whoever tried to given her extra medicine, she will catch that person. She will give him gift tomorrow. Kusum scolds Rachel and asks her to pay 6 months rent else leave her house. Satish asks her not to be strict. Rachel says she will give once she gets the job. Kusum askss her to pay it.
Rakesh and Surbhi think who might the person. Harsha says Pooja can’t do this citing she is taking care of her so well. 
Neelima says Supriya deserves this. Naren comes to Supriya and recalls Pooja saving and taunting him. He asks Nurse if Mrs. Vyas is fine now. Nurse says yes. He thinks of Pooja’s words that she saved him else he would have gone to jail and now is burdened under a woman’s favours.
 He recalls going to Supriya’s room and adding her medicine overdose in Supriya’s food. He then makes her have it. Fb ends. Naren feels guilty and punishes himself by banging his head on the wood pillar.
Anuj gives money to Rachel and asks her to give to Kusum. Rachel asks if he sell his stuff. He says he can do this for his girl friend and says he has a place for her in his heart. He promotes the show dil dhunta hai. Pooja comes to Vyas Mansion and the band is played. Everyone looks on.

Pooja declares to Naren and everyone that she is shifting to Vyas Mansion as she thought she doesn’t know who is doing what with Surpriya after she is returning to her hotel. Naren is upset.

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