Nimki Mukhiya

Nimki Mukhiya 27th September 2017 Written Update Episode 24

Nimki Mukhiya 27th September 2017 Written Update Episode 24


Read Online Nimki Mukhiya 27th September 2017 Written Update Episode 24.

Nimki Mukhiya 27 september 2017 episode written. Nimki Mukhiya Episode 24, Nimki Mukhiya today episode 27-09-2017, Nimki Mukhiya Written Updates.
Scene 1
Nimki shows headphones to Elena and says I have it too.Elena shows her her headphones and says hear their sound. Nimki listens it and says its like cinema. Elena says who brought you fake ones? Nimki says tunee brought me fake ones. Door bells rings, Nimki opens it to find Tunee. tunee says I have brought movie ticket, are you coming?

she says yes but looks at Elena and says I will be with Elena till Ram and Abhi comes back. Tunee says I will stay here too. Tunee looks at headphones, he says I bought it for 200/-, Elena says mine is 2000/-, Nimki says you brought fake ones for me? you are fake too, you are like second class hero, get lost, Elena and I will watch movie here. Tunee angrily leaves.

Nahar offers wine to Tunee. Tunee says I am sad so I will drink today. He drinks whole glass. Nahar asks why he is sad? Tunee says Nimki insulted me because of Abhi. Nahar says someone was telling me that you and Nimki.. Tunee says dont says rubbish about her. Nahar says I am just saying that you are best for Nimki, you are smart and handsome. Tunee says my future will be set if I get to marry Nimki.


Scene 2
Ram calls Nimki and says car broke down so we will late back. Elena says I am sleepy. Nimki lies her in bed and says sleep. Elena says sing lullaby for me, papa says that my mummy used to sing it for me,did you mummy sing lullaby to you too? how was your mummy? Nimki gets tensed and shouts just sleep and stop talking, Elena gets scared and puts pillow on her face.

Nahar says to Tunee that you will become head if you make Nimki run head’s election, Tunee laughs and says Nimki head? Nahar says I will get you married to Nimki if you convince her to become head, Nimki will be head and you will be her husband, you will rule this place, I promise I will convince Ram to make Nimki marry you. Tunee imagines Nimki as his bride and says I will convince to become head and you convince Ram to make his son in law.


Nimki asks Elena if she wants to hear lullaby? elena doesnt answer, Nimki says you are stubborn like Abhi, she tickles Elena. Elena laughs. Nimki says I will sing lullaby for you, you are lucky I am singing for you. Nimki starts singing softly. Elena smiles at her. Nimki is singing lullaby but gets teary eyed, Elena asks if she is missing her mom? I miss mine too. Nimki hugs her and cries. They are both sad. Elena wipes her tears and lies down on bed, she asks Nimki to lie with her, Nimki hugs her, Elena caresses her hair.

Abhi and Ram comes home to find Elena and Nimki sleeping in bed hugging. Ram says now even her father cant wake her up. Abhi says Elena is awake. Ram says she should be taking care of Elena. Elena says let Nimki sleep, Ram says but.. Elena says papa please. Abhi says let her sleep,you can sleep here too, Ram says Mauha and Mono are alone at home. Abhi says then you can leave Nimki here for night, Ram is tensed. Abhi says dont worry at all. Ram nods and leaves.

In morning, Nimki hears some music and wakes up. She looks around to see Elena’s room, she says I slept here? Elena comes there and says good morning, she says sorry I slept here, who is playing music? They come out to see Abhi dancing on desi girl and mopping house. Nimki laughs and bumps his butts. Abhi gets embarrassed and says good morning.

Nimki says I am sorry I slept here, Elena says she was sad. Abhi says she can never be sad. Nimki says I should leave. Abhi says have breakfast and then leave. Nimki says I have to do brush and makeup. Abhi says maybe you wont like pasta without makeup. elena says you are making pasta? he says yes. Nimki says I have to taste this dish pasta and says if you insist then I will stay, he says no you can leave. She says but I am staying.

Mauha is waking Ram up, Mauha says Nimki is somewhere else.Ram says I trust Abhi, Mauha says I miss her. Ram hugs them and says this house is silent without her, when she will get married then what will we do? she wants government officer and she will go far away from here.

Abhi is making pasta and shows it to Nimki. Elena says I am hungry, Nimki says me too. Abhi serves pasta to them. Nimki says this is pasta? she eats it and makes face, she acts like vomiting, he says you dont want it? she says no I will eat, she starts eating fast. Abhi asks her to calm down. Nimki sees bathtub on magazine and says this bathing utensil? Abhi laughs and says its called bathtub. Ram comes there and says nimki you are eating here and Mauha-Mono are waiting for you? Nimki asks Abhi if he can pack some pasta, Abhi says okay. Nimki looks at bathtub photo impressed.

Rekha says to Dublo that your gas agency idea failed too? Tettar is right, you are useless, he asks her to go away. Babbu comes there and asks why he is tensed? Dublo says for gas agency, I need NOC from people that they are okay with it, but they are villagers and not signing it, Babbu gets angry.

PRECAP- Babbu comes to Nimki’s village and starts beating villagers, he says Dublo wanted to deploy gas agency, how dare you people deny it? he is about to beat with stick but Abhi comes there and holds his stick, they glare at each other.
Nimki says to family that I will run elections and will bring justice to villagers, all get elated, Nimki says but I have one condition, Ram looks on.

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