Naamkaran 18th October 2017 Written Update Episode 311

Read online Naamkaran 18th October 2017 Written Update Episode 311


Read online Naamkaran 18th October 2017 Written Update Episode 311

Naamkaran Episode 311, Star Plus Serial Naamkaran 18 October 2017 Episode Written.Serial Naamkaran 18-10-2017 Naamkaran Written Updates

The Episode starts with Avni saying Mishti is here. Vidyut asks Mishti how dare you step out. Avni says she was in church. Vidyut asks do you also like going church. Avni says yes, Lord also wanted this girl to reach you, keep her safe. He says you know about kids, is this also in your basic knowledge list, you know I don’t keep anyone’s favors. She says if you told this meeting my eyes, I would have felt you have courage, have this restaurant bill, that poor waiter was afraid that you will fire him from job. He says attitude, that account is closed, everything has a price tag in this world.

She says then you would be having a price for saving this girl. He asks what do you do, you don’t seem to be that busy, you came here in white wedding gown, your finger has no ring, it means the guy refused to marry or you have run away, girls can’t be trusted, they are weak, what relation can be made with weak people, you came here with your broken relation, so you are a tourist.


She says no, I came to find someone. He asks who. She doesn’t answer. He asks will she like to do a job, she will have free time and she has love for children too. She asks are you offering me a job. He says yes, Mishti’s governess expired. She says I don’t like children. He says then you are perfect, what name did you say. She says I didn’t say till now, Ananya Verma. He says so Miss Verma. Juhi says you got married, Avni left house because of you, why don’t you say it happened because of me.

Neil asks what do you want to say, none will be upset with my daughter. Juhi says Shweta doesn’t want me to come home. He asks did mom say anything. Bebe looks on. Neil says mom never welcomed Avni, but she was determined and stayed till she won everyone’s hearts. She says I m not Avni. He says no one can be like her, sorry, I meant she is stubborn and determined, you are also imp to me, don’t feel bad of mom’s words, for the sake of our daughter, I will do discharge formalities.


Avni sees Mishti and thinks she always stayed scared, what would be going on in her heart. She asks who kept your name Mishti. Maid says no one kept her name. Avni asks did her Naamkarann not happen. Maid says yes, no naming ceremony, her old Nanny kept her name Mishti. Avni asks where is her mum. Maid says she has died, I think she has run away, come with me, I will tell you. Avni cries. She asks Mishti to finish her food, shall we go out to have cake and icecream. Mishti smiles.

Ali is also in market. He sees Avni at the stall. He gets shocked and runs to her. Avni and Mishti go. Ali asks where did that girl go. Ali calls Neil and says I got Avni, she is in Goa, have the flight details and know about her, I can’t make mistake about her. Neil says I will find out.

Neil goes to Juhi and asks her to get ready. Juhi asks won’t you go to find Avni, I heard you talking to Ali. Neil says I will call DD, you get ready, its not necessary that I go for every work. Neil gets Juhi home. Shweta asks maid to go to guest room. Neela comes and says Ali has seen Avni, she is in Goa, Neil did you get passenger list. He says yes, I informed DD. Bebe says you didn’t find it necessary to tell us. Neil says its not confirmed, I m finding out. Neela says Ali has seen her. Shweta says find out, we are there to manage Juhi. Juhi asks shall I come along Neil. Shweta shouts no, I mean you need rest, Neil is finding out. DD gets the passenger list. Neil checks it. He says Avni’s name is not in this list.

Avni and Mishti are at cafe. Avni sees Neil’s pic. Mishti sees a man and kid. Neela says Avni knows to get new documents, get CCTV footage, we can know about her. DD says yes, I will ask them to send footage. Shweta says you should go to find Avni. Neil asks why do you feel I don’t want to find her. Avni sees Mishti gone. Neil says mom you went to hospital to meet Juhi, what did you tell her. Shweta looks at Juhi. Neil says my life doesn’t have one problem, I have to find the girl and Avni.

Avni calls out Mishti and runs to find her. Neil says we all are worried, you all think Juhi came back, and I love her, and Avni left because of Juhi, I know Avni, she didn’t go in anger, maybe she had no other way, is this a solution that you all blame me. Bebe says stop it for Lord’s sake. Avni gets Mishti in church and asks why are you scared of your dad, you call him Sir, because he scolds you. She says my Papa had no time for us, he didn’t come in meetings, birthday, school, but I used to play a game, we will play a secret game.

Bebe says maybe Neil is saying true, many times person has helplessness. Juhi says you are right, life is such, it makes person helpless, that’s why a little girl is stuck like Avni was stuck in childhood. Neela looks at her. Shweta asks maid to take Juhi to guest room. Neil signs Juhi. She goes. Bebe asks Neil to get CCTV footage. They all go. Neil gets the footage and recalls receiving the envelope. He sees Avni in video. He sees Bebe and shuts laptop. He says Avni is not seen in the footage, I will find Avni. Bebe goes. Neil breaks the CD. He burns the envelope and says Avni will be found, but when right time comes.

Neil and DD see Gurumaa. Neil says I want her alive and also permission to interrogate. They leave. Gurumaa opens eyes.

Naamkarann is the story of little Avni, an illegitimate child, whose father Ashish and her mother Asha/Ayesha are not married but consider themselves as husband and wife. Despite being unmarried, Asha applies vermilion on her forehead to avoid social problems. Ayesha and Ashish still have a live-in relationship, unknown by the rest of the world including Ashish’s family and his mother, Dayawanti. Avni, however, gets continuously teased by others because of the absence of her father. She deeply wishes for her family to become a ‘normal’ one but her father stays away most of the time due to his mother Dayawanti.

Back in 1981, a misunderstanding and a riot between fellow Muslim and Hindu villagers in Dayawanti’s village resulted in Dayawanti losing her husband and since then, Dayawanti has hated Muslims. Though her sons and daughter did not know about the event, they knew about Dayawanti’s hatred towards Muslims and this prevented Ashish from ever opening the topic of his relationship with Ayesha in front of Dayawanti. However, upon Avni’s continuous insistence to come to her annual sports day, Ashish finally bears up the strength and informs his mother, through email, about his relationship with Ayesha, his daughter Avni and his not-yet-born child. Dayawanti fails to accept a Muslim daughter-in-law. Also, by then, Dayawanti had already given her word to Hemant, diagnosed with brain tumor, about getting Ashish married to his daughter, Neela. Dayawanti uses the situation to her benefit and convinces Ashish to get engaged to Neela.

Cast :
Viraf Patel (Ashish Mehta)
Barkha Bisht Sengupta (Asha)
Arsheen Namdaar (Avni)
Sayantani Ghosh (Neela)
Reema Lagoo
Gulfam Khan

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