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Meri Durga 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode 251

Read Online Meri Durga 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode 251


Read Online Meri Durga 13th October 2017 Written Update Episode 251

Meri Durga 13th October 2017 Written Update, Meri Durga Episode 251. Meri Durga 13 October 2017 Episode Written, Meri Durga Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Durga getting shocked seeing Yashpal. She asks why did you file FIR. He says you did wrong to publish about your suicide. She says its not against laws, I can do this race stunt. He says maybe, but other kids can imitate and lose lives. Inspector agrees with him. She says this is my last chance, I did all preparations, don’t do this, please, I have to run today. Yashpal cries and goes. She shouts.

Sanjay comes home and breaks things recalling Yashpal and Annapurna’s words. Gayatri stops him and asks why are you punishing yourself, you get insulted by Durga’s parents and ruining our respect, you are my son, don’t you have a duty towards me. He asks what shall I do, Durga can lose her life, its impossible, I can’t help her, what shall I do. She says please calm


down. She recalls his words and thinks this is right chance to make Durga away. She says I won’t let anything happen to Durga and hugs him. Annapurna asks Yashpal why did he put Durga behind bars. She says you should have forgiven her, you did limit today. He asks anything else to say, she will stay in jail, I m not a bad dad, you are mum and worry for her, am I stone hearted, she was preparing to die, do you have good idea to stop her, tell me.

Durga is in lockup and cries. Yashpal says Durga got us divided at home, I can’t forget she is my daughter, I can’t give her chance to do this mistake, she is safe in jail, if anything happens to her, I can’t live. She says I always supported you, I will protect her. She goes.


Its morning, Durga hears the lawyer coming to bail her. She thinks who is he. Yashpal asks constable how is Durga, did she worry much. Constable says she will come out on bail. Yashpal asks bail…..

Durga signs the papers. Gayatri says its imp for you to run for me Durga, you will surely run. Lawyer says Verma has sent me. Durga says maybe its some well wisher, I will thank him after race. Yashpal says who did the bail. He stops the lawyer. Durga says I will not stop till I win in this race. Manohar comes and asks how did you reach jail. Durga asks did you get any driver. He says no, no driver is ready. Durga says find some how, make me meet the truck driver. She asks Annapurna to go home, she needs her. Annapurna blesses her.

Yashpal asks who is Verma and takes papers from lawyer. Durga meets Manohar and the truck driver. She draws the plan and explains. She says you will have no risk, I got statement written if anything happens to me you won’t be blamed. She tells Manohar that she has no option than doing this. Sanjay sees Durga and says I have to make you realize this danger, my love won’t let you do this stunt. He comes to her.

Sanjay says you have a race with me. She asks him to go. Yashpal scolds Gayatri. Guard slaps him. Yashpal shouts. Sanjay says I want to have a race.

The story traces the journey of a girl (Durga) who aspires to become a runner. It revolves around the most beautiful and sensitive relationship of a father and his daughter. Highlighting the realities of life, Yashpal Choudhary (father) works as a peon in one of the schools in Haryana. His only dream is to fight against all the odds and educate his daughter Durga for a better future. But despite trying hard to study and prove herself, Durga couldn’t reach Yashpal’s expectations. Yashpal who works as a mere school peon has a very progressive viewpoint when it comes to educating a girl or a boy – unlike his other relatives. Durga, on the other hand, is a very lively and a positive 12-year-old who is enjoying her childhood in and around the corners of Haryana. She loves running behind kites, climbing on the mango tree. Besides enjoying her childhood, Durga tried very hard to fulfill his father’s dream. But somehow she just couldn’t understand the calculations and hence always found herself confused between alphabets and numbers.

Cast :

Ananya Agarwal as Radha
Vicky Ahuja as Yashpal (School Peon)
Rakhi Vijan
Amardeep Jha
Rajesh Shringarpure
Nishikant Dixit

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