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Mahakali 9th September 2017 Written Update Episode 15

Read Online Mahakali 9th September 2017 Written Update Episode 15


Read Online Mahakali 9th September 2017 Written Update Episode 15.

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Kartikeyan being threatened by Surapadman who asks him be prepared to die. Surapadman and his army attack Kartikeyan, Kartikeyan is brave enough to not run and decides to fight even as his mothers the Kritikas ask him to return to them. Kartikeyan finds help in Agnidev and Indra who ask him to leave but he refuses to run. Tadkasur comes there and binds Agnidev and Indra by his power and his sends his army to kill Kartikeyan and there Kali(Pooja B Sharma) steps in. She sees Kartikeyan and they have a eyelock which was pending for years. Tadkasur’s army faces defeat at the hand of Kali and Kartikeyan is surprised as he sees Kali. His mothers embrace him as he questions them about why his life was threatened and also who the Devi is who took the trouble that came on him over herself.Kali comes to her form of Parvati and introduces herself as Parvati and also reveals that she is his mother. Kartikeyan is shocked and he looks to Kritikas for reassurance. The kritikas relate to Kartikeyan about how they found him on the rivers.

Parvati asks Kartikeyan to give her back her rights as his mother but Kartikeyan refuses to do so as he says that he considers only the kritikas as his mother. He asks Parvati where she was all this while and not even once did she come to see him. Parvati says she did not want to snatch the motherhood from the kritikas. He points it out to her that even now she is doing the same. Parvati tells him not to accept her as his mother yet he has to meet his father Shiv (Saurabh Raaj Jain) at Kailash now that it is time. Kartikeyan looks at the kritikas and they reconfirm that it is time they should separate now. Kartikeyan takes an emotional leave of Kritikas telling them that he would always be known as the kritika-putra only. He refuses to even let Parvati touch him as he leaves with her to Kailash. Tadkasur makes a huge army led by Surapadman and ask them to search for Kartikeyan and kill him.


At Kailash everyone rejoices as Kartikeyan arrives and Parvati welcomes him to his home. She makes him meet his father andShiv tells Kartikeyan that his journey has just begun. Kartikeyan meets Vishnu and Laxmi too who remind him of his destiny and purpose. Nandi tries to make Kartikeyan comfortable by entertaining him yet he seems lost. Laxmi notices this and observes it out aloud. Kartikeyan meets Indra and Agni who too remind him of his purpose and Kartikeyan questions Mahadev at this. He asks him what his purpose is which everybody is reminding him of and for which he was separated from his parents for all this while. Shiv then reveals to him that he has to kill Tadkasur.

Kartikeyan asks him why he could not do that when he faced the asur sometime back. Shiv says he needs to be trained for this purpose. Kartikeyan refuses to be trained or be used as a weapon to kill some asur, he turns to leave saying he wants to be just the son of his mothers. Parvati steps in and tells him he can leave but he cannot insult Mahadev. She adds that he is complaining about being sent away from his parents but he does not think what his parents must have gone through. Parvati asks Nandi to leave him with the kritikas where he can be safe.

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